Custom designed suture cutter Fibapic

suture cutting machine, gripping mechanism.

optional features

retrofittable options:

extreme long stiffening

putting suture into pigtail-device
putting a suture through a pigtail-device is only possible with an extreme long stiffening of the tipped end

Extreme long stiffening (up to about half the suture length) is needed to insert a multi-filament suture into laparoscopic pig-tail instruments, as shown in .

demonstration of an extreme long stiffend suture

is a short movie that shows the transition from untreated braided suture to the extreme long stiffened end. The suture end gets lifted when the stiffend part passes between the fingers.

There are two options available:

Software upgrade
The suture passes slowly through the tipping die. This reduces the speed of the machine to about 1-3 sutures per minute. The tipping will be fastest, if the 3 inch (76mm) heating die is used.
Extreme long heating die
Same behavior as the standard machine except that the machine makes stiffenings up to 40cm (15.5“) possible. Stiffening is very fast for one suture: 1-2 seconds.

round-flat-round cutting

suture cutting of round-flat-round suture
detector of transition from flat to round suture.

The round-flat-round unit is necessary for sutures which alternativly change shape from flat to round. Due to the manufacturing tolerances, the distance between flat and round changes slightly from suture to suture. Therefore to readjust the cutting parameters after each cut suture. The round-flat-round option detects each change from flat to round () and calculats the stiffening and cutting point. The distance between transition and stiffening can be freely set by the user. Cutting can be done either in the flat or in the round section. The option round-flat-round is retrofittable to an existing machine.


barcode reader
barcode reader for quick and reliable machine setup

The bar-code reader is highly recommended, in order to avoid human error when entering the suture code. The bar-code reader sets automatically the parameter-settings, when the barcode is in front of the green dot (top of ).

Total quality control

To guarantee total quality control and to minimize human error we recommend our quality control tools, like the automated logging of the manufacturing data. A badge system with RFID-reader for user identification and the barcode reader for machine setup.

other options upon demand

TCP/IP communication
Feedback length control
Feedback diameter control
Robot feeding unit